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Your historical buildings can regain their former usefulness through our renovation services. Whether you need a new kitchen, trim work, or anything in between, we can do it all! Receive complete contractor services or just allow us to assist you in achieving your vision. We specialize in all types of historical renovations and can help in any capacity. Each renovation project is unique!

Every project is unique with us

Let us revamp any of your outdated buildings. You can receive a variety of property updates from us, from historical renovations to practical renovations of neglected spaces. Giving your old buildings a beautiful new look can help bring in new customers and add value.


We want to save you money! You can count on getting some of the best prices around from us, but you can also receive a consultation on any of your renovation jobs. Work with us to get the perfect renovations for a price you can afford!

•  Roofing repair

•  Windows

•  Wood siding repair

•  Wood flooring repair

•  Interior and exterior improvements

•  Decorative trim work/mouldings

•  Historical renovation

Renovating your old buildings has never been easier, hire Scott Ostermann Contracting to do the hard work for you. Any job done by us is of the highest quality!

View all of our property update services.

Revitalizing spaces and renovating historical buildings

Receive quality renovation for less

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